Your title and concept are the foundations on how your entire lyric will be built

They tend to be unpredictable, thought provoking, and intriguing. Don’t settle for a title that’s mediocre, it’s unlikely to rise above your competition.

Which songs would you listen to first? “Roar” or “I Am Strong”

“I Drive Your Truck” or “I Miss You”

“The House That Built Me” or “Childhood Memories”

“Beauty and a Beat” or “You’re Everything I Need”

I looked at Billboard’s top ten Hip-Hop/R&B songs of 2014: Happy


All of Me

Talk Dirty

 Black Widow

Drunk in Love




Instead of hitting the nail too squarely on the head, the writers of these songs traced familiar topics in unique ways. An effective way to come up with fresh titles is to ask yourself How else can I say this?

Great titles are hiding in plain sight all around us. You’ll spot them if you keep your antennae up.

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