Your Made For This?

Not every artists goals are alike, so day-to-day efforts vary from person to person. So when my DIY moves began, some of these five points below works for my benefit.

See If you go thru any of them, I just work on trying to overcome this light work..?

1. Taking rejection or criticism well "No" is something you will hear many times as an independent artists. You're going to be turned down by record labels.

Venues and booking agents Will turn down shows, So handling it all gracefully and constructively. Don't let it diminish your ambition. Keep trying, and think about how good it'll feel when the tables turn.


2. Multitasking "Do it yourself" means exactly that. Unless you're lucky enough that people volunteer to help you out or you can afford to hire a team right off the bat, you're going to have to handle every aspect of your career.

That means booking your own shows, making your own promo and outlets for press, running your social media pages, and more. If you can't juggle all of that and keep your personal life intact, you're probably not cut out for this.


3. An extreme perfectionist Mistakes are bound to happen. If you're the type of person who is hard on mistakes, you're going to hate yourself within the first six months of your career.

At your biggest show yet, you might fall off the stage, And all of that is okay. It might help to remind yourself that you're not perfect. everybody fumbles from time to time. Learn to bounce back and keep moving.


4. Dislike networking You never know if someone might be able to help your career; networking with everyone you possibly can should be your goal. If you aren't able to do this both online and in person, you'll stunt your progress significantly.


5. Don't like hard work You don't have to be excited about the physical labor part, but for everything else, you should be enthusiastic. Making music is what you love to do, right? Then spending hours emailing people about you, giving up an entire weekend to practice ahead of next week's big show, and pinching pennies to save for tour shouldn't discourage you.

Instead, those efforts should serve to further fuel your ambition. Don't be afraid to take advantage all the resources available online

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