We all know you have to be on social media but with the growing list of things to keep up with it feels like a 24/7 job

So here’s some great tools to help you get more work done so you can spend more time with family. All it take is some discipline and your business can run even when you’re gone.

First get yourself a HOOTSUITE account and start panning.

Then check out TAKEOFF app for your Instagram account. This is great for reminding you the post and let’s you setup a schedule. But Instagram doesn’t allow apps to post for you so you actually have to hit the post button but it’s still great.

I have EVERNOTE on all of my devices and it’s all synced. That way if I find myself waiting for a haircut or standing in line somewhere I have a little time to jot down some notes, think about my next posts, or even make a quick list to ease my mind. It’s really great and allows me to make a quick note not to forget it but then I can just put it away and worry about it later.

PLAN AHEAD Think as far out as you can. Think about holidays, upcoming events or even the weather so you can plan around it. Like if I know I’m going to be out a certain week TRUNT, I make sure I have enough content to schedule for posting as well as some content for after I get back.

FIND RECURRING AVENUES OF INCOME. This was something I learned recently in the game. Sometimes it can be hard to try and work a 40 hour work week but also grow In the market place. I had to find ways to build an income on top of earning weekly checks. At the same time I have a little bit of residual income coming in for online services.

Hopefully this helped bring some light to how you can make your life more efficient and get more work done in less hours so yo can spend those classic moments with the people you love and having FUN!

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