The Musicpreneur approach

The Musicpreneur approach is a mix of marketing while tapping into both branding and artist management

The point here is to think outside of the box educate yourself on topics such as licensing, digital opportunities, and strategic marketing.

Musicpreneur Exercise:
Step One: Get a Solid Branding Statement I’ve pushed this before in previous posts. A brand statement is a document for an artist and their team that speaks...
-who they are
-what their goals may be
-who they are trying to appeal to.
All this opens the door to new marketing and positioning ideas.

Step Two: Spit It Out Loud Ever have a really good brain storming session? It usually happens when one person’s half thought out idea sparks more ideas within the group. See how your team identifies your work strengths and any your goals. (if you’re dolo like me share with friends)

Step Three: Define Those Opportunities & Write a Plan So let’s say you found out your work has a digital orchestral vibe, its like by a younger audience and it would be easy to get your music licensed for video games. So start discussing how to achieve this and what you need to educate yourself on. Then write a detailing plan of attack.

Step Four: Tweak Your Branding Certainly a part of branding but now that you have found a niche then start.. -building relationships, -posting your hottest song or video on your group’s Facebook page, and so forth. Start tweaking your marketing plan to hit those goals...??

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