The Importance of Branding

It's clear from countless hours spent on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram being bombarded by so many marketing opportunities, I see many artists fail to understand or respect the importance of branding... But we fail 2 succeed

Over the last few months, I have learned some important lessons in branding, I feel can benefit any artist looking to not just promote an themselves, but more importantly, sustain a career as a musician.

1. Plan Ahead As an artist you are your brand; your music is an expression and an extension of that brand. Yet, so many artists fail to take the time to plan ahead in order to stay consistent in the way they promote themselves and their music. If an artist puts his/her heart and soul into creating an album... Why wouldn’t blood, sweat, and tears go into creating and developing his/her brand?

2. The Magic is in the Details When creating an overall brand, it is important to iron out the smallest of details once you’ve determined an overall path for your career. What will you use in your posts?
What type of information will you share with your fans (how personal will you get)?
What type of artists/industry creatives will you be following and supporting?
How often will you promote a project?

3. Stay Consistent Many fear consistency because they confuse it with a unchanging position. On the contrary, consistency in branding allows a company and/or artist to change form without changing focus from its end goal.

Hopefully these 3 tips have shed some light on the role branding plays in an artist’s success.... Keep Striving

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