Musicians are now spending hours not just in front of the crowd, but also in front of a camera, broadcasting to the internet Live streams are a great way to involve people who can't attend your show, its also an opportunity to prove that you're a great musician to the undecided.

By attracting people to you as a person, you're creating new fans of your music, and by demonstrating what you can do in the live environment, it can lead to more ticket sales. People who rock with you but couldn't get tickets....Also who can't leave their homes, And have to look after kids, etc.

They'll be willing to drop a few bucks in order to see the show online with the quickness This is how you can increase the value and audience of a single show without cutting into your live audience. If you're worried about streams stealing your live fans, there are tools that can help. Geofencing, lets you make a live stream available only to the people who are too far away to go and see it anyway.

What are the options for Live Streaming If you're new to streaming and don't have an established audience, all the modern artist needs these days is a webcam, a microphone, and a like Hangouts on Air from Google. If you're a bedroom producer, you don't even need a quality mic, as you can stream your computer or mixer's audio output. I Stream, Ustream Ustream is one of the most popular ones, so is

Anyone can use the system for free, but if you want to really boost your audience, Ustream offers pro plans starting at $99 – this means no ads, loads of online storage, and thousands of viewer hours. Streaming Apps With Meerkat, starting a live stream is almost as easy as sending a tweet. Start streaming with the app, and your broadcast will appear in your Twitter followers' feeds, and they'll receive a push notification.

Periscope is Twitter's recent answer to Meerkat there are some cool features that set this app apart, and an Android version is to follow soon. During a stream, viewers can send "hearts" to streamers which are visible onscreen. You can also see who has sent you the most hearts, which is a great feature for network-building, allowing you to identify the people who'll like and share your content if you call them out. You also get a bit more control, as Periscope allows you to choose whether your stream gets posted to Twitter.

Facebook Live is now top choice 4 streaming

This just another way to throw content online, an artists can use it to make money and gain fans?

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