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The costs of creating and releasing music have been greatly reduced the last few decades, Fortunately, there are also some new ways to raise money for your music projects.

Here's four that just might keep some doe in your pockets.

1. Crowdfunding It's way more than just getting some quick cash, it’s more about building a relationship with your fans and artists. Once you’ve established that relationship, you’ll be able to rely on your fans to help you fund other projects, support your career, and even spread the word about your music '

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2. Fan subscriptions Once you’ve built a strong relationship with your fanbase, you can take the next step and set up your own membership portal or subscription service on your website. Basically, you offer your fans something really special in exchange for a recurring monthly fee

3. House concerts If you need cash quick, a mini house concert tour may be your best bet. For the most part, you keep all the profits from house concerts, To keep the costs down, stay local so you don’t rack up many travel expenses. If you can, try to schedule the tour in the summer or during the holiday season when people are throwing parties anyway (think graduation parties, Memorial Day BBQs, and New Year's Eve).

Try to charge $10 per person; even if just 10 people come, you will have made $100!

4. Email list If you don’t have an email list yet, make it your next project. Email is actually the best way to get in touch with your fans, especially if you want them to do something like buy an album,go to a show, or watch your newest music video.

Of course, you can use your email list to promote your crowdfunding campaign and house concert tour, or you can use your email list to sell directly to your fans.

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