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Things are rapidly changing on the tech side of thing's before I got into Marketing I was lost. Now I stay informed on changing technologies and how this might affect me in promotion

For instance, due to social media sites' algorithms, certain times of the day and week are more advantageous to post, you might even need to use paid advertising to reach all of the people you're trying to reach First, go to ad manager on your Facebook homepage, and click create ad. Then you're asked to choose your objective. Here's a breakdown of your most used objectives.

Promote your page This is the most common objective for artists. This simply gets your Facebook page in front of new potential fans. You're able to target all ads, and this is great as you can promote your page to people who like similar artists to you and any other relevant demographic info. Raise attendance at your event Just as it says, this objective is used for that upcoming show that you want to give an extra boost.

I'll be the first to admit there are some issues with Facebook's event feature the first being that it's oversaturated. I think we all get invites from that friend across the country who knows quite well we can't trek across the US for his DJ set.

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