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With technology and the many resources available online, independent bands and artists have a greater chance than ever for success. You must make sure all of your bases are covered from social media to email, online streaming to your store.

These the must have online tools you need to survive in the music industry today. Social media is obviously one of the most important resources we have today. It’s a way to share information about shows, connect with fans, and promote yourself.

Even though there are many platforms, that doesn’t mean you should waste energy focusing on them all. Here are the key platforms you need to use:

Facebook - Share updates, tour dates, relevant links, and more.

Twitter - Post shorter updates, and interact with both fans and artist

Instagram - Pictures and videos are the way into your world, so show them to your fans.

Snapchat - Take pictures and videos to the next level and connect to your fans individually.

Speaking of staying in touch with your audience, There are plenty of services to help with mass emails, but these three are easy on the wallet and will keep you organized as you continue to grow:

Mailchimp - This is a super easy platform to use, and the price is just right when you're starting out (Try it free).

BeatStars - This is a streaming platform for producers and artist to be paid for there work(I still use this one today)

Topspin - A premier platform made for musicians, Topspin helps with leveraging your database of fans and connecting them to your online store. ( I Use this one for Two months then cancelled my subscription.. after problems with upload music).

Start off slow and manage one at a time. Then, you can burst onto the scene, add more platforms and, before you know it, you'll have your own botanical garden of online love.

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