I remember when I first started mixing my songs, I Struggled with the right mastering. I spent months mixing my first mixtape, Using a combination of tools like different compression, EQ, limiting, stereo enhancement plus other tricks like FL studios mixing
Nowadays Its like $20 a Song to $200 an album online I was just hoping for and DIY mastering system..

Now It's Here !!! Mastering is all about making your tracks sound as good to everyone else, as they do to you smoothing out the wrinkles of your final mix without losing the character that makes your music yours. ?Let Me Dorp This On You ➡Master your track now

MASTERING IS STILL IMPORTANT Mastering should solve 3 problems you face with your music:
1.You’re not hearing your music the same way your audience does. Poor acoustics in your room, the quality of your reference monitors and your mixing skills can all have a huge impact on your final sound. Mastering should fix this.
2. Music sounds different in all playback situations (home, the car radio, the club, on a streaming platform, when your mom buys your single online). Good mastering helps you sound your best everywhereand in all situations.
3. It’s easy to lose perspective on your music. This makes it hard to tell if your music actually sounds good. The point of mastering is to take a step back, look at the whole picture and fix any major problems you might have missed. If the goal is to a connect with an audience, mastering helps build that connection.

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