It’s important to know who is buying your music

Once you know who will buy your music, it becomes pretty clear what your image needs to be to reach your market.

In Young Jeezy’s case, he’s that dope boy turned rapper who’s about making money, partying in the clubs, buying material items, and driving expensive cars.

In Jay Z’s case, he’s that Billionaire Mogul running his own empire and living the life that this brings.

Kanye is the intelligent around-the-way guy who dropped out of college to pursue a dream and feels a need to voice his opinion about everything publicly.

Lil Kim and Foxy Brown are the old school ‘hood chicks that every guy knows and loves while Nicki Minaj is the new "Barbie" on the block.

Odd Future are the zany "I don't give a f*ck" guys who act a fool and hate everything.

Wiz Khalifa is your friend who all he wants to do is smoke weed. Image is a big part of marketing.

What is your image?

What sentence would a fan use to describe you?

Is that description unique or does it fit ten other rappers?

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