How can you collect information from buyers?

Get creative learn to personally ask and collect this information from a buyer you sell to one-on-one.
Just start with their email. Ask them for their email address, you now have a way to contact them for the rest of your life and market to them in the future with your products.
Another idea is that you could insert or place a statement on the back of the CD or the insert saying something like “send us an email at [insert your email] and I’ll send you a free personalized autographed poster!”
This will entice people to email you and take you up on this offer.
This way you won’t have to personally ask each person for this information each time.
Each CD will already have this inserted in there. What’s the point of this?..... It helps build your fan base i.e. your customers.
A Buyer > Possible Fan > Build a Relationship with Them > Loyal Fan = Loyal Follower Buyer for Attraction fans to our fan base is the lifeline of us as rapper.

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