7 Key Things That Musicians Can Do Every Day

Getting organized is key to avoid getting swamped by tasks and overwhelmed to the point you become stagnant

1. Set small, realistic goals for today At some point latenite or in the beginning of the day, take some time to brainstorm one or more things that you can do that very day that will put you closer to your long-term goals.

2. Meet somebody new Most people in the industry that aren't completely swamped will be open to meeting you and possibly even helping you out, as long as you present yourself in a way that is professional and genuine. It takes a little time and some research to make a daily connection happen, but it's worth every second.

3. Figure out who to meet Anybody that’s involved in the music industry can be a useful I connection, but in order to narrow it down, it helps to target people in certain locations.

4. Actually start reaching out Reach out to your current network and see if anybody personally knows whomever you're trying to connect with. If somebody else can make an introduction for you, the connection will have more personal value to the person you are trying to meet.

5. Practice something you’re bad at Everybody has some aspect of their craft that's weaker than the others; spend time on these areas every day, and you'll maximize growth.

6. Check out a new album If you aren’t listening to music and expanding your sound on a daily basis, you're missing out on the most important piece of the puzzle.

7. Explore a new hobby This can even be something musical, as long as it's not what you already spend your time working on. Write a few sound ideals every day, or even every other day. Having hobbies outside of your main profession will allow you to relax productively and add a lot of joy to your life.

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