4 tips/tricks I'm starting to used to make a following on Soundcloud

1. Best day/time of the week to release songs. Sundays 5PM GMT. Why? most SC users have daily jobs during the week, so many of them find time on the weekends. They might start something on saturday and have something to show by Sunday.

2. Subscribe to 75 related-to-your-new-release groups and share. Before releasing new material, ask yourself what are the concepts or tags surrounding my sounds. For instance, if I were releasing “Can You Believe” (one of my songs), the tags could be this list: hip hop, rap, guitar, melodic, indie, logic, producer, surprised, chill, aggression, on-man-band, culture, 2000s, Kendrick Lamar, Lupe fiasco, j.Cole,…and so on. Save this list of tags and select the post relevant ones for your song to use them to tag your song itself as well.

3. Repost your track daily the first 3 days. If you go to the track settings after one day this is live when you set your track to private and back to public again (waiting 2 minutes in between) you make your track appear as a new track on other people incoming tracks section. Pushing your track to the top of the list gives it again chances to get heard. Don’t overuse this trick unless you want your followers to unfollow you. Don’t be exaggerated.

4. Say your track is a new song and free download. (This is something that I'm just starting to work on) I found that in SC there’s so many people looking for great fresh free music to download easily. When you clearly specify that at the end of your songname that increases the chances that one your track get attention from one of those users.

5. Follow me


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