The Regular Artist Are...... 
-Playing all the shows and known by most blogs  
-Wearing flyest stuff 
-Focused on updating all social sites  
-Worring about attention and followers 
- consistently writing & performing 

The Musicpreneurs Are......  
-Making the proper connections to set up shows and studio sessions 
-Wearing the best suits 
-All About the tactics and making money  
-At all the corporate shows and appearances  
 -Spending 90% of the time marketing the music and 10% creating 

Lets Find That Balance With Working Smarter 24/7

Were we Are... 
-Building relationships with fans and business partners 
- Living by the fresh code  
 -Creating and producing innovation in music  
-Making a real good living off there art 

Online Tools 

With technology and the many resources available online, independent bands and artists have a greater chance than ever for success. You must make sure all of your bases are covered from social media to email, online streaming to your store.

These the must have online tools you need to survive in the music industry today. Social media is obviously one of the most important resources we have today. It’s a way to share information about shows, connect with fans, and promote yourself.

Even though there are…

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Your Made For This? 

Not every artists goals are alike, so day-to-day efforts vary from person to person. So when my DIY moves began, some of these five points below works for my benefit.

See If you go thru any of them, I just work on trying to overcome this light work..?

1. Taking rejection or criticism well "No" is something you will hear many times as an independent artists. You're going to be turned down by record labels.

Venues and booking agents Will turn down shows, So handling it all gracefully and constructively…

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Your title and concept are the foundations on how your entire lyric will be built 

They tend to be unpredictable, thought provoking, and intriguing. Don’t settle for a title that’s mediocre, it’s unlikely to rise above your competition.

Which songs would you listen to first? “Roar” or “I Am Strong”

“I Drive Your Truck” or “I Miss You”

“The House That Built Me” or “Childhood Memories”

“Beauty and a Beat” or “You’re Everything I Need”

I looked at Billboard’s top ten Hip-Hop/R&B songs of 2014: Happy


All of Me

Talk Dirty

 Black Widow

Drunk in Love




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It’s important to know who is buying your music 

Once you know who will buy your music, it becomes pretty clear what your image needs to be to reach your market.

In Young Jeezy’s case, he’s that dope boy turned rapper who’s about making money, partying in the clubs, buying material items, and driving expensive cars.

In Jay Z’s case, he’s that Billionaire Mogul running his own empire and living the life that this brings.

Kanye is the intelligent around-the-way guy who dropped out of college to pursue a dream and feels a need to voice his opinion about…

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You Can D.I.Y (Do * It * Yourself) 

I understand owning the power over your art and career is hard. Trust is a major issue and there are a lot of snakes in the grass and knives at your back. But, on the flipside, there are also a lot of good business people in this industry that are truly great at what they do. You just have to find them.

Artist Check List

- Get Educated. Utilize free resources from performing rights organizations like BMI, ASCAP and SESAC. They’re a great place to start.

- Ask Questions. Talk to other artists, tweet at…

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The Musician’s Guide to Marketing Plans & Source : Cyber PR 

1. Website – Easy to navigate

□ Bio/Press kit - Using or Reverbnation

□ Photos/Images – Professional captivating

□ Buy products – Storefront or link to one

□ Gigs or live appearances

□ Blog or news section

□ Contact info

2. Social Media - Branding and daily posting

□ Branding - On point across all socials

□ Facebook - 1 Post Per Day w frequent boosting and ad dollars spent

□ Twitter - 2 to 3 Tweets Per Day

□ Newsletter - 1 newsletter per month

□ YouTube - At least 1 new video per…

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More Than Talent  

They're is talent everywhere, 24/7...

 Trust me when I tell you that there is nothing more humbling than being surrounded by some of the most talented people in the world every single day. But there was one thing I learned very quickly: It's not the most talented people who make it.

It's not the ones with the biggest dreams.... And surprisingly enough, it's not even the ones whose parents have the biggest pockets. It's the ones who put in the work! The ones who were first up and last to go to sleep. The…

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Paid Ads 

Things are rapidly changing on the tech side of thing's before I got into Marketing I was lost. Now I stay informed on changing technologies and how this might affect me in promotion

For instance, due to social media sites' algorithms, certain times of the day and week are more advantageous to post, you might even need to use paid advertising to reach all of the people you're trying to reach First, go to ad manager on your Facebook homepage, and click create ad. Then you're asked to choose your objective…

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One of the most valuable lesson I'm learning is the importance of a Fan Base.. 

How Important Is A Fan Base?

Picture yourself walking on stage to perform your latest hit single.

When you get on stage and look out into the crowd, no one is there. Not one single fan.

A strange sight to see isn't it?

You wouldn’t get far as an music artist without fans. Your fans are the backbone to you as an artist and your music. Fans are people who love your music.

Who are inspired by your music?, Fans are people follow you, share your music online, tweet about you, help spread your music and…

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We all know you have to be on social media but with the growing list of things to keep up with it feels like a 24/7 job 

So here’s some great tools to help you get more work done so you can spend more time with family. All it take is some discipline and your business can run even when you’re gone.

First get yourself a HOOTSUITE account and start panning.

Then check out TAKEOFF app for your Instagram account. This is great for reminding you the post and let’s you setup a schedule. But Instagram doesn’t allow apps to post for you so you actually have to hit the post button but it’s still great.

I have EVERNOTE on all of my…

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Musicians are now spending hours not just in front of the crowd, but also in front of a camera, broadcasting to the internet Live streams are a great way to involve people who can't attend your show, its also an opportunity to prove that you're a great musician to the undecided.

By attracting people to you as a person, you're creating new fans of your music, and by demonstrating what you can do in the live environment, it can lead to more ticket sales. People who rock with you but couldn't get…Read more

The Importance of Branding 

It's clear from countless hours spent on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram being bombarded by so many marketing opportunities, I see many artists fail to understand or respect the importance of branding... But we fail 2 succeed

Over the last few months, I have learned some important lessons in branding, I feel can benefit any artist looking to not just promote an themselves, but more importantly, sustain a career as a musician.

1. Plan Ahead As an artist you are your brand; your music is an expression and an…Read more


I remember when I first started mixing my songs, I Struggled with the right mastering. I spent months mixing my first mixtape, Using a combination of tools like different compression, EQ, limiting, stereo enhancement plus other tricks like FL studios mixing
Nowadays Its like $20 a Song to $200 an album online I was just hoping for and DIY mastering system..

Now It's Here !!! Mastering is all about making your tracks sound as good to everyone else, as they do to you smoothing out the wrinkles of your final mix…Read more

4 tips/tricks I'm starting to used to make a following on Soundcloud 

1. Best day/time of the week to release songs. Sundays 5PM GMT. Why? most SC users have daily jobs during the week, so many of them find time on the weekends. They might start something on saturday and have something to show by Sunday.

2. Subscribe to 75 related-to-your-new-release groups and share. Before releasing new material, ask yourself what are the concepts or tags surrounding my sounds. For instance, if I were releasing “Can You Believe” (one of my songs), the tags could be this list: hip hop, rap…Read more

How can you collect information from buyers? 

Get creative learn to personally ask and collect this information from a buyer you sell to one-on-one.
Just start with their email. Ask them for their email address, you now have a way to contact them for the rest of your life and market to them in the future with your products.
Another idea is that you could insert or place a statement on the back of the CD or the insert saying something like “send us an email at [insert your email] and I’ll send you a free personalized autographed poster!”
This will entice…Read more

Taxes 101: What Self-Employed Musicians Need to Know 

I hope April 15 is already circled on your calendar, As a self-employed musician, you need to know more about taxes than the average worker bee.

You may be earning money from several different sources (solo gigs, session work, teaching, recording, songwriting, merchandise, etc.), so it’s important to know how to keep track of everything and which tax forms you’re required to file...

1. Set up a separate bank account
2. Use a separate credit or debit card for business purposes
3. Save your receipts
4. Use cash…Read more

Music Marketing Truths ALL Artist Should Know 

Music Marketing Truths ALL Artist Should Know

Ever wondered why some super talented artist don’t get the fanbase and recognition they ‘deserve’,while other not as talent artists get a lot more exposure and seen in all the right places?

1. Marketing Your Music Is Necessary, But Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult... As an artist myself, I know that many have the feeling that marketing my music is going to be difficult. This is an understandable fear; most people get in the music industry for the love of the music…Read more

7 Key Things That Musicians Can Do Every Day 

Getting organized is key to avoid getting swamped by tasks and overwhelmed to the point you become stagnant

1. Set small, realistic goals for today At some point latenite or in the beginning of the day, take some time to brainstorm one or more things that you can do that very day that will put you closer to your long-term goals.

2. Meet somebody new Most people in the industry that aren't completely swamped will be open to meeting you and possibly even helping you out, as long as you present yourself in a way…Read more

If This Is What U Want...Then Ask Yourself 

What are your long-term goals for your music career?

Who do you see as your ideal fan?

How do you typically communicate with your fans?

How important is it for you to build relationships with your listeners?

How do you plan to promote your music and interact with fans outside of social media?

An effective digital music strategy goes beyond using tactics to market music online.
Instead , it uses different tools to build a platform that allows musicians to recruit fans, build stronger connections with them, and…Read more

When you’re building a website 

When you’re building a website one of the most important things I needed to make was what main menu options to have.

Keep this in mind, to make moving thru your website easy for everyone who visits your site.

Those visitors might be loyal fans who are just coming to read the latest news and check out your tour dates.

They might be potential fans, who want to hear one or two tracks, and read your bio.

They might also be industry people (labels, promoters, bookers, etc.) looking for specific information, or a…Read more