The Cleveland, OH artist is using his talent to motivate and inspire for a better quality of life. The music that Reggy is releasing is a enthusiastic reflection of life. His introspective style covers issues that we experience everyday; using perspective.

He says “I have realized my differences to stand out by be reflective". His scholastic vision over various production makes for a eloquent but versatile sound for his listeners.​

He released his first album "B.I.T.S' (Beauty In The Struggle)" in (2017) and an Ep "In The Mist Of The Struggle"(2017) after losing 2 previous mixtapes "Black Magic"(2011) & "Shadow King"(2011) due to the shift in music platforms. Some of his influences are culture, technology and people such as JayZ ,Will Smith, Russell Simmons and Steve Jobs and so many others.

He mentions... "My mission is to help evolve his family and everyone I connect with in this cycle of life​.....walk with me